🙋‍♀️ How To Get Involved

Follow the steps below to get connected with the SourceCred community.

1. Join the SourceCred Discord

The very first step for getting involved with our community is to join our community discussions. Discord is the platform we use to be social and talk not only about our projects and goals, but also to get to know one another and build a sense of connection in real time.

Step 1: Create a Discord Account

If you have never used Discord before, you’ll want to download the application (or access it via web browser) and create your own account with their service.

Step 2: Join SourceCred’s Community Discord Server

Discord is a service, and SourceCred has it’s own server where you can join the conversation. Once you've got your Discord account, you can join the SourceCred server with this invite.

2. Poke Through Our Resources

Explore this website, the #start-here channel in Discord, and, if you're feeling adventurous, our Discourse forums.

3. Introduce Yourself

We want to get to know you! Go to the SourceCred Discord and find the channel #intros. Post there letting us know that you’re poking into SourceCred and tell us a bit about yourself.

You may want to share things like:

  • Your preferred name
  • What brought you to SourceCred
  • Other projects or activities you’re passionate about
  • Why you may want to work on SourceCred
  • Anything else you want to share!

4. Come to a Community Call

The SourceCred Community Call is a weekly voice call which we encourage anyone in the community to attend, but especially those folks who are new to SourceCred and want to know more about it.

We encourage you to attend one and see how you like our community. We also would love it if you brought a question or two with you about things you’d like to understand better within SourceCred. That way, not only do you get a chance to learn but others on the call will have the chance as well!

The Community Call is every Tuesday at 11am PT (double check your time zone) in the “Main” voice channel on our Discord. Check out our SourceCred Calendar and find a Tuesday that works for you. We'd love to have you!

5. Attend a "Jam"

A "Jam" is a scheduled time to discuss a particular topic in SourceCred on the Discord voice channel. This is a time to dive deeper into specific topics like crypto-economics, our mission and values, or community cultivation with the community and is a great opportunity for anyone to join the conversation. Check out the SourceCred Calendar to see if there's an upcoming jam with a topic that interests you! It's the best way to get familiar with the lay of the land and start exploring where you may be able to contribute.