๐ŸŒฑ Best Resources for New Contributors

Want to be part of the SoureCred team?

First, try getting familiar with these helpful docs:

Organizational Tools

We have a few MVP (minimum viable product) organizational tools for our internal operations. Looking through these can help you get an idea of what kinds of projects are being worked on in SourceCred.

SourceCred Org Chart

The SourceCred Org Chart is an MVP tool for exploring the current projects/goals within SourceCred. Each "Trunk" of the project has "Branches," which are smaller, more direct teams within a Trunk. Each Branch then has "Twigs" (over-arching projects/goals) and then "Leaves" (specific, smaller projects to complete Twig projects). Looking through the chart you can see whether an initiative is in action or on the wishlist, who's working on it, and how high of a priority it is for us. Poke through and see if anything catches your eye or sparks an idea. If you find yourself really gravitating towards a particular branch, consider going to their Trunk Meeting.

Docs Index Spreadsheet

The Docs Index is a spreadsheet where we organize the documentation we're currently writing and would like to write. If you are interested in writing, reviewing, editing or written communication, get connected to the Docs Team and see if you can help out.

Contributor Directory

Here you'll find a spreadsheet with a link at the top. By clicking the link, you'll be taken to a form where you can share about yourself and what kind of contributor you are. This just helps folks get to know you and your role in the community better. Looking through the spreadsheet can give you a better idea of who someone is as well! Note that you can always change your answers later by editing the doc itself, but you should never edit someone else's answers.