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Title: Founder

I'm a genderqueer dancer, a joyful hacker, and a bad philosopher. I've long been fascinated by the intersection of economics, philosophy, and technology, and SourceCred is an attempt to synthesize those perspectives into a tool to build new, more equitable ways of working together. I also love snowboarding and partner dancing.

Contact: decentralion, across platforms (GitHub, Discord, Twitter, etc)




SourceCred Branch/Job Description Community Cultivation Lead & Documentation Lead

I'm a genderqueer artist and communicator. I got to be around for the conception of SourceCred, and later became a part of the team using my soft skills around interpersonal relationships and community structure. Now, I champion the Community Cultivation branch and work with our community to develop a wholehearted space that can scale with its values.

Contact: LBS on Discord




SourceCred Branch/Job Description: Creator of writings, hacky code, art, and thots on decentralized governance. Community builder, optimist, unlicensed therapist and cryptonaut.

Here for the decentralized revolution, building a better alternative, and creating community with the amazing, talented people in SourceCred. When not working meditating, surfing, creating art and making conversation.

Contact: s_ben on Discord, @zen_bacon (Twitter)




SourceCred Branch/Job Description: Community Cultivation - Building community through accessibility and support

Traveller, skackliner, boulderer and musician. A bit frisky. I'd love to see a world where SourceCred is widely used, because people would have the freedom to work on what brings them joy.

Contact: Bex on Discord




SourceCred Branch/Job Description: Programming (especially core infrastructure)


Contact: wchargin on Discord