๐Ÿ’ป Onboarding as a Software Dev

Onboarding for a Software Dev is a little more straightforward than for other contributor types, and has some distinct recommendations listed below. We still encourage you to check out our broader Getting Involved guide, our #start-here channel in Discord, and the Community Call on Tuesdays, like anyone.

Step 1: Orient

  1. Read our Github Contributing Guidelines
  2. Watch this Code Architecture Walk Through and accompanying diagram.

Step 2: Jump in

  1. Set up your development environment with the help of this guide and this one. Reach out on Discord for additional help as needed!
  2. Join the Dev Sprint Planning meeting on Discord (see our calendar for the current schedule). We will help you find a good first task and/or someone to pair with. We also welcome you to drop by our Social Coding sessions on the calender to co-work with us.