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Configure the Core Algorithm

Comparing Algorithms


  • Uses graph-based, pagerank-based logic
  • Lots of code, more difficult to develop on / extend
  • Has more complexity, cred can potentially traverse in more sophisticated ways
  • Implemented for Discord, Discourse, Github, and Initiatives plugins
  • Total earned cred is less than the sum of total minted cred
  • Can only apply 1 configuration across all history
  • Smooths-out participant cred scores week-to-week to prevent income volatility


  • Uses tree-based, algebra-based logic
  • Very little code, easy to develop on / extend
  • Runs faster and more memory-efficiently
  • Easier-to-interpret output structures
  • Implemented for Discord and Github plugins
  • Total earned cred equals total minted cred
  • No smoothing of weekly cred scores, relies of grain logic to prevent income volatility
  • Includes time-scoped-configuration functionality
  • In Alpha, missing support for PersonalAttributions feature, and depends on valid legacy plugin configuration files in /config/plugins

How to configure CredEquate

Example Discord config:

Github keys:

  • operator keys: "reactionsOperator"
  • share keys: "pull author", "commit author", "review author"
  • weight keys: "pull request", "review", "reaction"