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🀝 Help Us Help You

Here, you can find out about the opportunities to help fund our ongoing development and what your community can get out of them.

Our Addresses

Whether you're taking advantage of the opportunities below, or just wanting to send us a donation (very welcome), you'll need our addresses:

Etherium Mainnet Tokenssourcecred.eth (0xf6Ce0526E8ee666441B7F5F0eBB78704f4C09746)

Want to send us tokens or NFTs but don't see your chain? Pop into our #tokenomics Discord Channel and let us know! We'll be happy to set up a wallet.

White-glove Set Up & Maintenance

While our set up experience is getting easier every day, it is still pretty technical and some communities prefer to give us an Instance Setup Grant to set up SourceCred, educate their community on how to use it, and/or do the ongoing maintenance required to keep it running smoothly. If you think your community would be interested in this sort service, pop into our #🌍ecosystems Discord channel and say you're interested in funding an Instance Setup Grant.

Note: setting up SourceCred requires some community introspection around how it wants to track value and the cultural tools it wants to set up and use to create awesome data for the analytics. While we might be able to make these sorts of decisions for you, SourceCred is most likely to succeed if a point-of-contact from your community is available to collaborate closely with us to make sure your instance is well-customized for your culture.

Dependency Cred

In our setup instructions you'll find a section on configuring/keeping the default Dependency Cred. This is a default setting that mints a percentage of bonus Cred to an account called "sourcecred" to recognize us as a tool that deserves some credit for powering the success of your community. This is an optional setting, though it is a wonderful way to craft a better open-source ethos together and ensure that the tools that you rely on continue to improve.

Product Grants

Product Development / Feature Request Grants are the foundation of our funding, currently. If you have a feature you want to see sooner than later and can find funding for it, pop into our #πŸ› dev-team Discord channel to let us know! We also have some features and projects that would love to be adopted:

Project NameProject DescriptionStatus
Self-service IdentityCurrently instance maintainers manually associate users' different accounts across platforms that generate graph data for SourceCred, or use 3rd-party workarounds built on centralized Web2 technology. In order to reduce the total amount of time required to perform instance maintenance, this project aims to offload the responsibility from associating user accounts to the users themselves through a Web3 architecture. The proposed implementation uses blockchain addresses as the base user accounts to which other platform accounts may be associated, and uses Ceramic for storage.Designed and Scoped, ready to code
Config UICurrently, the process of setting up an instance is very technical and requires a lot of terminal usage and manual JSON editing. In order to lower barriers to adoption and reduce the amount of questions we receive in our #tech-support channel, we need to create a no-terminal, no-text-editor, GUI-based experience that makes the Instance Setup process easeful and linear.Proof of Concept Accomplished, ready to productionize
GitHub CredEquate PluginWe are wrapping up a new core algorithm called CredEquate with huge advantages, but are only starting with a Discord plugin. A GitHub implementation will enable a much more configurable experience than our current GitHub plugin, including the ability to exclude pre-fork activity, set time-scoped weights, and set per-repository weights.Infrastructure Established, ready to code
The SourceCred BotDiscord is our most popular plugin, and there is a huge opportunity to create an all-in-one 1st-party bot that lets a community touch and feel cred in ways they never have before. Features could include participant cred and grain look ups and analytics; channel, emoji, and role weight look ups; message cred look ups; identity and payout management integrations; SourceCred tutorials; cred-weighted voting; and more!Micro-prototypes in use, ready to synthesize and productionize

Future Token Launch

Token launches are a very common way to fund projects, and we have plans to follow this trend. The possibilities of how our product can enrich community token and governance experiences are very exciting. If you are experienced in token launches and want to get in early and help us plan ours, we encourage you to reach out. For those waiting for the launch, follow us on Twitter to stay tuned.