Version 0.5.0 released

It's been months since the last versioned release, so there's a lot new to v0.5.0!

You can find the release on GitHub or as a Docker image. More details on how to use them can be found in the installation guide.

Since this is a large release, this post only touches on several major additions here.

Discourse plugin

As of this release, you can use SourceCred to analyze Discourse forums (for example, SourceCred's own forum). Our experience so far is that it's one of the most interesting plugins, and it works well out of the box!

The basic logic of the Discourse plugin is that every topic, post, and like on the forums can flow Cred, with Cred accumulating at posts that received lots of likes, or lots of high Cred responses. Cred also flows between posts that reference each other. And the users that authored high Cred posts wind up with plenty of Cred themselves.

The plugin doesn't require any special credentials, so you can easily explore Discourse forums you're curious about using SourceCred. It can give a perspective on which people are adding content most valued by the community. The plugin setup guide walks through the commands to do this.


[Initiatives] are added to SourceCred by a new plugin of the same name. Instructions are in its setup guide.

The goal of the Initiatives plugin is to allow tracking important work that wasn't directly captured on existing platforms like GitHub or Discourse. You can think of the Initiatives plugin as being a "manual mode" way to tune the contribution graph. Within SourceCred itself, we're using Initiatives to track work like organizing community calls, championing higher-level features, or supporting our partner projects.

The plugin is still in an early form, consider it an alpha-level feature. While adding Initiatives currently is fairly technical and requires manually tweaking JSON files on GitHub, it does add new capabilities to explore. We're hoping to improve this as we test it out ourselves and receive feedback from you.

If you want to learn more about the rationale for adding Initiatives, you can read Supernodes: Moving past raw activity which discusses some of the limitations of tracking Cred at the level of raw activity, like pull requests or posts.

Docker image

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, SourceCred is being released as Docker images as well. They are available as sourcecred/sourcecred on DockerHub.

The tags to be aware of are:

  • latest (default) which refers to the most recent versioned release.
  • vX.X.X versioned releases, which allow you to use a specific version.
  • dev which corresponds to the latest master branch.

Even though this is the first major version to be included, the images are already seeing regular use by the community, especially because it's a great way to set up automation for instances of SourceCred.

New data format: sourcecred output

To support analyzing SourceCred's data further, we're exposing an additional JSON format.

Previously we've had the "scores" format which exported the Cred scores of users and the "timeline cred" internal format which is not very easy to consume. With this format we're hoping to strike a balance, exposing more data than "scores" while also being comprehensive.

Have a look at the GitHub issue for more information.

That's all for now. Feel free to reach out to us with questions or issues. ๐Ÿ“ž